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Wellington Firewood sells DRY, seasoned wood, split and ready to burn. Our Pine is stored undercover to ensure that it is ready to burn now (rain is easily absorbed by Pine.) Our hardwoods are stored both inside and out but all are ready to burn now. We offer free delivery of your firewood which is loaded and unloaded by hand. This means that we don’t scoop up lots of debris when we load, and that we unload it where you want it (for example through a gate) which cannot be done when unloading a tipper truck. We don’t leave a pile of bark on your lawn or driveway.

We are also able to customise the size of wood to accommodate small or large woodburners. We understand that you may wish to be home when we deliver and can usually deliver after hours or on the weekend.

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee!  That’s how confident we are that you’ll love our wood. Buy it, try it and if you’re not 100% satisfied, then tell us within 7 days and we’ll come and pick it up again and give you a full refund.

We deliver in loads of 3.6 cubic metres which is a cord by the old standard. This is the size of a small truck or large high sided trailer. Most houses will burn 1-2 cords throughout a Wellington winter.

Wood Volume Price Properties
Pine 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $325 Easy to light softwood. Ideal for woodburners and open fires. Best mixed with a hardwood as it burns quickly.
Old Man Pine 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $450 Easy to light softwood. From 80 year old trees so burns longer and hotter than normal Pine as it contains more resins and is denser
Gum 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $500 Slow burning hardwood. Suits open fires and woodburners. Can be hard to start so best mixed with Pine.
Pine / Gum (Half each) 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $450 Best value mix for woodburner or open fire. Our most popular mix. Both are nice and dry and ready to burn now. This provides a combination of easy to start wood (Pine) with the long lasting higher heat output of Gum.  Unless you're burning 24/7 one to two cords should get you through the winter.
Macrocarpa 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $500 Ideal for woodburners but can spit so not suited for open fires. Reasonably long burning wood but can start on its own.
Pine / Mac (Half each) 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $470 Great mix for woodburner
Tasmanian Blackwood 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $550 Fantastic hardwood that burns long and hot and suits open fires and woodburners
Tasmanian Blackwood / Pine 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $550 Great Manuka alternative for open fire.
Manuka 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $690 Slow burning hardwood. Ideal for woodburners open fires and pizza ovens. Recommend to mix with softer wood such as Pine for starting
Pine / Manuka 3.6 m3 (1 cord) $590 Ultimate mix for open fire
Pine Cones Large Bag $15 Fantastic fire starters

A couple of comments on our recent deliveries…

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the wood and dropping it off today. It looks excellent quality and is such a decent amount for the price. Thanks also for leaving everything so tidy.”
Rachel Sutcliffe 

“Just a quick email to say thanks! After 2 nights of burning and stacking half the load so far I am extremely happy with the wood. Great mix and the vast majority seems really well seasoned. I look forward to a toasty winter and hopefully doing business with you again next year. All the best and thanks again.”
Neal Bunn

“Firewood is great – nice and dry.  Will get more off you at the end of year”
Jeremy Hitchcock

Stacking is available for an additional $85. Please ask for a price if you require it moved as well as stacked. We specialise in delivering up and down tricky paths and steps.  Enquire for a no obligation free quote to have your wood delivered, literally right to your doorstep (yes we know what that can mean in Wellington!)

We highly recommend buying more than you think you might need as most suppliers will run out of dry wood during a cold winter. Those that have shed stored, dry wood can charge a premium of up to 100% later in the year. Delivery is available on weekends and after hours.

We accept credit cards with a $15 processing fee. Please complete the form below or call (04) 974-7506. This will divert to our mobile (at our cost).

Thank you and here’s to a warm luxurious fire this winter.

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